10 Signs That You Are Wrong Using Social Media

Social media has become a close friend to us. Almost every day we will do social activities both real and in cyberspace. And social media is created in various forms, names and goals. Not only to help us communicate, but also help us do business marketing.

Using social media

However, social media that is easy to use can also make us wrong in using it. And this can result in the marketing process being wrong, even losing money for our own business.

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Then what are the signs that we have wrongly used social media?

1. If it is intended to get closer to the customer, it must always be updated

Social media is indeed very suitable for a business marketing effort. Besides being easy and inexpensive, social media is also suitable for targeting our prospective customers. One way to attract the attention of social media users is with the posts we give. Just imagine, what happens when they just follow us without getting updates or other useful information. Nothing feels beneficial to them. But unlike when you are actively updating posts on social media, they will obviously look forward and even ask you to do it again.

2. Without followers we are nothing

How much our followers on social media is indeed a benchmark that indicates that our business has achieved success. But that does not mean that follow-up is not important to us. It’s important until you have to find effective ways to get more followers. The goal is no other than for anyone to know your business, mark it and look for it again when they need it. Even if your posts are always active, what’s the point if no one sees.

3. Speak more alone

Social media is not a medium for us to talk and do our own activities. If the purpose is like that, you should not use social media. Because the participation of owners and visitors of the account is very important. As the owner of social media, try not to speak for yourself. Join and actively communicate with your followers. Either through private messages or even comments on your posts.

4. The social media profile is only a means of advertising

Even if your goal is to use social media to find and capture many potential customers, it’s good to have your social media not only used as a means of advertising. Followers of course will feel bored when we only post various product advertisements, discount promos, free and various other business advertisements. Use social media wisely, which means we also have to know what followers we need to read. Also share articles related to our products or business. That will help us get closer to them.

5. Using autopost updates on all social media

We really want to stay close and update with our followers. give them information or news whenever and wherever we are. But it’s good we really – really inform the news or information that is interesting, entertaining and even that creates conversation. Try to convey informative news. If it’s not very urgent, don’t use the autopost update menu on the social media you use.

6. Even you have not set a brand or name on social media

You know how important and valuable a name or brand is to your business. Not only the name printed on your company’s website, office, shop, or letterhead. But the name or brand must also be set immediately on the social media account that you are using. Using Fanspage or a Facebook account with a brand name will make people trust us more. Good branding is when our name or brand is conveyed precisely to our customers.

7. You have not really connected with followers

For those of you who want to be found and want to be remembered by followers, you can register to be easily found when they visit your place or business. Like the check-in menu that is currently on almost all social media accounts that you use. This will make it easy for you to connect with your followers or customers.

8. You ignore and even delete negative comments

No matter how good your business reputation is in front of customers, negative messages certainly exist either directly or through social media. And to overcome that we do have to respond or respond to it. Not ignore or even delete it. It is important for us to truly maintain our reputation and immediately correct the mistakes that have occurred. We must explain to customers honestly and politely. Responding to them will make customers feel truly heard and appreciated wherever and whenever they complain.

9. You do not respond to customer posts or comments immediately

It is important for us to have organizations that are focused on managing and developing our business social media. Because in addition to having to always update posts, we also need to be able to immediately respond to customer posts or comments. Either just asking, protesting or even praising, reply to their posts immediately. Even if necessary, you must respond to them 24 hours a day. For the sake of what? For the sake of providing the best service to your folowers or customers.

10. You even ignore the benefits of the marketing process

If indeed your goal is to use social media for business, then don’t ignore how much profit you make from these activities. We must know and even actively manage ROI on our social media accounts. It doesn’t matter what kind of profit we produce, either in the form of increasing followers or even selling. Record everything regularly and regularly, evaluate each time period and use new strategies to improve it if necessary.

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