5 Things for an Online Business No One Tells You

I will get right to the point, the 5 truths that nobody tells you about having an Internet business :

Things for an Online Business No One Tells You
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Things for an Online Business No One Tells You

1. Making Money While You Sleep

This sounds like a cliche, but it is possible that your sales page of your products, advertisements or what other automated service you offer can sell without you being present.

But you will have to work hard to get you website to this point, then the money will start to come in.

You will have an opportunity to see what works and what does not.

After all, not everyone in the world is on the same time zone, so while you are asleep, there are others are not.

But building a solid business takes time.

Time that many people are not willing to invest. That is the reason why most people trying to earn money while they sleep (or awake), leave before they earn their first dollar.

2. Subscribing to all emails and offers WILL confuse you

A major problem in addition to the information overload, is that entrepreneurs try to implement too many systems at the same time.

Too many different systems result is that they get nothing!

So, my advice is simple, gather up all of the information you have learned about in your niche and and choose up to three.

If you trust these people or know about the products, this will be all that is needed to succeed.

3. Choosing the right niche for you is isn’t easy

Many experts will suggest a mercenary approach to find a niche because it is profitable.

I do not necessarily agree with that.

With trial and error, I prefer to find a niche that motivates you in some way.

Focus on one that is profitable but at the same time enjoy working on it is the way to go.

Another thing to consider is that you do not have to limit yourself to just one niche, especially if you have more than one interest.

As you start your business you will have goals, both long and short term.

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4. You need a reliable computer

Without a reliable computer, you online business can fail.

Whether you decide to use a PC or MAC, it doesn’t matter which (many may argue that point) but this is a personal choice and what you feel comfortable with.

The main things to consider would be :

  • The space on the hard drive – many programs that are needed take up a lot of space
  • RAM – you do not want anything to crash while you are working on it
  • Internet connection – Unless you are really patient, the faster the better, but you can always work your way up.
  • Screen size – With a lot of your work, you will need to be able to see what you are doing, possibly have more then one window open for side by side work.


5. Protection – Antivirus Software

This is probably one of the most important of all.

You need to protect your hard work! You will need a company that can protect your computer from viruses and provide live support.

Besides getting Internet protection, you will also need to have a unique password, and by all means, do not have it as special dates, your child’s name or anything else that is easily found to be connected to you.

It would be better to just have a password with random information with a lot of characters combined with symbols, numbers, upper and lower case letters.

Knowing these things upfront will help protect your business before it starts. The last thing you want is to have everything set up, to only have it crash with the inability to recover it. Been there, done that…

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